Few words about Free Options Signals

by Independent Binary Options Signals Provider

FOS - Free Options Signals. An automatic "robot" signals service was developed in 2014 by a group of financial traders. The main idea was to help people who trade binary options save their time on the market analysis. For the first few years, its use was completely free. Today, you can use it without any obligations, registration or deposit. The concept of using trades with a fixed close time does not influence on the results with a delay of 120 seconds and even more. But the removal of that delay gives you more time to think and analyse.

The system was made in the way that the trader has more time to analyze and react to the market conditions. Despite the overall “low” results, it is supposed that the trader has better chances to success because of the possibility to enter the trade with the best prices and filter out wrong signals according to the market conditions and fundamental analysis.

It is expected that all users of the system have deep knowledge in trading on the financial market: basic trading strategies, methods, fundamental analysis, risk and money management, types of market conditions, etc. Using a system without this knowledge will inevitably lead to a loss of deposit and bankruptcy.

In case the trader does not have such knowledge, he can still use the system for studying and practising on demo accounts.

Advantages of the paid version:

  • No 120-second delay
  • Visual indication of current price and entry point
  • Possibility to change the prices of the assets in the system. Individual and global
  • Possibility to change the trade price threshold. Individual and global. (Can influence on the results)

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We are open to discussion and conversation. If you have any ideas of changing our system, if you have questions regarding the system usage, if you saw any mistake on the website, etc. feel free to contact us.

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